Hire An Attorney Right After An Automobile Accident Occurs

Getting into a car accident can have serious consequences. If you are injured, you face a long recovery time, steep medical bills, lost wages and other hardships that make your everyday life that much more difficult. You may be wondering what can be done.

If your accident was caused by the negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation for damages. Venneman Law PLLC in Seattle, Washington, is ready to help you get this compensation. Our attorneys are available to help from the moment after the accident occurs. You will need an experienced professional right away as insurance adjusters begin contacting you.

Insurance Companies Have Their Own Interests In Mind

Insurance adjusters may seem like they want to help you and keep things moving as quickly as possible. However, their methods and actions are not done in your best interest; they focus on their own. Most of the time, insurance companies want claims closed as quickly and cheaply as possible. Any settlements they offer are typically much less than you deserve.

Do not let insurance companies compromise justice. Venneman Law PLLC is always on your side and always dedicated to you, our clients. We will help you deal with insurance companies and adjusters and make them consider your best interests, not just their own. We are not afraid to negotiate with or litigate against them if it means getting what you deserve.

Get An Advocate On Your Side Today

Your injuries are serious and life-changing, and getting an appropriate settlement is a big step in getting back on your feet. Do not let insurance companies harass or trick you into closing your claim too early. Before you speak to an insurance adjuster, schedule an initial consultation with us and speak with a lawyer who is ready to help you.

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