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When it comes to personal injury, the process can be confusing and overwhelming. At Venneman Law PLLC in Seattle, Washington, we encounter many clients who are unsure where to turn after these life-changing events. We are here to help our clients complete the claims process as efficiently as possible and get the compensation and justice that is demanded.


These are some questions our attorney, Tom Venneman, often hear from personal injury or car accident clients:

  • What is negligence? In order to have a claim, we must first be able to prove negligence. Essentially, this means that a party willfully did or did not do something against the norm, and that specific act caused the injury. For example, a person who runs a red light and hits your car is probably negligent. If you suffer a severe infection during medical treatment even though a surgeon follows all procedures appropriately, the surgeon is probably not negligent.
  • Should I still see a doctor even if I don't feel injured after an incident? Yes, you should always seek medical treatment, regardless of how you feel. Injuries may manifest themselves at a later time as a result of the incident, so it is important that you are proactive in seeking medical treatment at every stage.
  • Insurance adjusters keep calling me. What should I do? Do not speak at length to insurance adjusters — especially the other party's insurer — about your case. They are not necessarily on your side. We will help you deal with these constant calls and determine the best things to share with them (if anything).
  • How long will the claims process take? This is dependent on the complexity of your case and the severity of your injuries. We will always work as quickly and efficiently as possible and do whatever we can to keep things moving. On average, claims could take six months or more.
  • Will I need to go to court? We are not afraid to litigate at trial if that is truly in your best interest. Reaching a settlement out of court is more common in personal injury, but our aggressive style of representation in these kinds of cases means we are willing to take your case to court if that means getting justice.
  • How much will my settlement be? Our aim is to fight for a settlement that covers your medical bills, lost wages, property damage and other damages you may encounter.  We will fight for a settlement that your case demands, no matter what.

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